About Women's & Girl's Rights

Right from the time when Jeevika began to work in the community, it has observed that lack of opportunities of girls and women, violation of rights in general and violence against women and girls are the prime issues which affect the lives of women and young girls in the operational area. Jeevika felt it necessary to adopt a two-pronged approach – one being preventive and the other being rehabilitative - to combat the crisis which is affecting the lives of the young girls in its operational area. The interventions are meant to place equal priority on addressing immediate needs as well as designing long term approaches that will serve as preventive measures.

About Alor Disha

After engaging in intense interaction with the community members, Jeevika has realised that most of them live a life of oppression coupled with violence in their day to day life. Most of them do not have access to financial resources or have information of livelihood opportunities. Women have to face violence in almost all forms either at their homes or from outside. In such a scenario, Alor Disha (direction towards light) the volunteer forum of Jeevika consisting of community women has been formed in 2002 and has stepped in to provide rehabilitative support in terms of legal and mental aid to the survivors/victims of violence.

About Alor Barta

In the course of its work, and along with increasing incidents and reports of violence, Jeevika has realised the importance of preventive mechanisms to understand the root causes of the ever increasing incidents of VAWG and also to deal with the same. Therefore, the volunteer forum Alor Barta (message towards light) consisting of community women and girls has been formed in 2011 which delve into the root causes of violence. In its course of delving into the root causes of VAWG, it has come forward that incidents of child marriage and elopement of young girls are crucial problems which abound in the operational area, and it is also a pivotal reason for most of the violence perpetuated in the community.Volunteers are involved in the campaign to end early and forced marriage of girls, promoting their eductaion.

Moner Kotha, Adolescent girls group

In our pursuit to prevent Early Child Marriage and to reach out to the larger community, the first group of 25 adolescent girls aged between 13 to 18 years has been formed. These volunteers will act as support group to other adolescent girls vulnerable to early marriage. We also wish to work with government as the latter play a significant role in the lives of young people. a space has been created in the village Samali, where these young girls can get together, feel safe, speak freely and also learn many things through activities which are fun.